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Welcome to St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church. We are located in the San Carlos neighborhood of San Diego, just northeast of San Diego State University, and next to the cities of La Mesa and El Cajon. If you live in or near the San Diego area, or will be visiting soon, we hope you’ll join us at St. Andrew’s.

Whether you're brand new to St. Andrew's or a long-time member, this site will provide you with valuable and useful information. If you're a newcomer, a good place to start is the About St. Andrew's section, and if you're planning a visit, check out What to Expect. We also outline our community services, plus various programs and activities for youths, adults and general fellowship.

Members and newcomers alike will be interested in the calendar and news. This is everything you need to know about what's going on right now at St. Andrew's!

I hope you will join us at St. Andrew's soon. May God bless you in all you do.

Yours in Christ Jesus,

Pastor Andy Taylor

Our Mission

Our mission at St. Andrew’s is “to be disciples and to make disciples.” We believe that the Lord Jesus Christ gave his life for us on the cross, and continues to give his life to us now and always. Through our faith in God, we receive peace amid the anxiety of this world, power to face whatever life may bring our way, and purpose — to serve others as Christ has served us. We believe and emphasize, along with Lutherans throughout the world, that we are saved by God's grace, and we are called to put our faith and trust in the triune God who created, redeemed and sustains us. In gratitude for all God has done and continues to do for us, we give our lives back to Christ. We seek to grow as disciples through worship, prayer, Bible study, and mutual support. We seek to make disciples and share God’s love by going out to serve others in our community and our world, and by inviting others to join with us and become recipients of God’s peace, power and purpose.


St. Andrew's offers several worship services, and among our most popular are the Sunday morning services. Which ever service you choose to attend, expect a welcoming environment and friendly people. If you're new to St. Andrew's -- or new to church itself -- you'll probably be interested in our What to Expect section, which outlines everything from what to wear to when to stand, and even details each service so you know exactly what it includes.


St. Andrew's Lutheran Church is located in the San Carlos neighborhood of San Diego, just northeast of San Diego State University, and next to the cities of La Mesa and El Cajon. The map below will orient you to the 8 and 125. For detailed directions, visit our Contact Us page.

Directions to St. Andrews

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